A rich history of permanent innovation in the development of products and services. Starting as a family business, today it competes in the national and international market.

The year 1980 was the beginning of a company that stood out in the manufacture of dosing and vacuum pumps; Always aiming for “TECHNICAL AND COMMERCIAL EXCELLENCE“.

This is how DOSIVAC was born, a company with its own design and manufacturing. In 1982 it entered the local market, with two brand NEW products: a vacuum pump and a dosing pump.

Shortly after that, between 1985 and 1986, DOSIVAC merged and managed to have more extensive facilities and more technology.

The growth was notorious. At a national level, through the first distributors in the main provinces and with growing demands, the company expanded its facilities, meanwhile continuing to design new pump models.

In 2006, focused on the foreign market, DOSIVAC took part in the first international fair in Milan. Here, relations were established with other companies, which generated new business.

Technification was essential to continue advancing, adding more technology and infrastructure and more research and innovation in design. In a short time, the United States became representative of the DOSIVAC brand in America, in the same way as Italy is in Europe.

With the appearance of our Star Product, the DVR line, DOSIVAC was positioned as the only manufacturer of vacuum pumps designed for refrigeration in all South America. At present North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania know and choose our products.

Finally, in the year 2000, the company stationed itself with its own plant in the town of Loma Hermosa, Partido de San Martín, and from there, with the premise of always providing the best, the Quality system was certified under the ISO9001 standard.

Today, more than 30 years after these first steps, DOSIVAC continues to project a future where excellence is no longer an objective, but a necessity to continue with its work.


Why do our customers choose us?

Today Dosivacis the leader in the Argentinean market of dosing pumps and vacuum pumps, thanks to the quality of our products, the latest technology used in the manufacture of them, personalized attention and our excellent advice and after-sales service.