The DAN series dosing pumps offer a robust and compact design. Mainly used to inject precise amounts of chemicals into pressurized systems. This series of positive displacement dosing units, designed in a robust and compact way, ensure great reliability in the injection, its continuous operation and extremely competitive price, as well as low maintenance due to the few parts that intervene in the operation. The range of application includes the injection of different chemicals into production process lines, refineries, etc.Ā  In addition, the DAN series pumps have applications in the pharmaceutical area, paper pulp industry, food processing and any other industry where precise injection by pressure of additives is required. Due to its diaphragm design, there is no possibility of leakage due to packing failure, which solves the problem of pumping fluids containing solids in suspension. Also, 100% sealing is ensured (no leaks).


  • Easy installation and maintenance in field
  • Simple replacement of the diaphragm in case of breakage
  • Oscillator easily repairable in field
  • Accepts gas or air supply from 40 to 100 PSI without the need for a regulator
  • Volume control injected by adjustment of pump frequency by the oscillatorĀ“s regulator