Diaphragm-alternative pumps by lost stroke system. Highly reliable and robust for the injection of all types of liquid additive when the back pressure does not exceed 10 kg/cm2. Wide range of flow rates (1-600 l/h).

  • COMPACT DESIGN Facilitates transport, installation and use of available space.
  • AFITNESS FOR CONTINUOUS SERVICE (24 hours) ┬áBoth for the pump and the engine, even in the open and with adverse weather conditions.
  • FLOW REGULATION By lost stroke system, manually operable (without tools) with the pump running or stopped, via exclusive digital mechanical regulator. Also, there is the possibility of automatic regulation by adding optional electronic resources of our manufacture (consult).
  • DIAL WITH MECHANICAL DIGITAL INDICATOR It allows a comfortable direct reading in percentage of the total flow, between 0 and 99%, with a 1% appreciation.
  • OPERATION Electric motor 100% shielded and normalized, linked to the worm drive by semi-elastic coupling that allows its easy replacement and also absorbs undesirable misalignments and vibrations. Upon request, this drive may be explosion-proof.
  • REDUCER The worm drive and wheel are both mounted integrally on angular and radial contact respectively. The crown is lubricated in oil bath with level control by side view.
  • DIAPHRAGM Special elastomer coated in PTFE.
  • SEALS In EPDM; FKM (viton) or PTFE (consult for others).
  • CONNECTORS For hose and/or threads.