The DE-AP series are electric, positive displacement pumps used mainly for the injection of methanol at very high pressures. They are also used for the injection of chemicals in primary extraction; hydraulic testing of pipes, containers, valves and devices, taking advantage of the high pressures that can be achieved with them. Due to their modular design, they can be supplied with different types of engines, either normal or anti-explosive, and in different supply voltages. Due to their robust design they are products of great reliability and low maintenance. They present aptitude for the continuous service outdoors in oil-rich areas. The drive system consists of a worm screw and wheel, all immersed in an oil bath as well as the regulation mechanism, which can be operated manually with the pump running or stopped. The coupling of the motor is by means of a semi-elastic splash, which allows being replaced easily if necessary. Special characteristics

  • AISI 316 stainless steel head
  • Double suction and injection valve
  • Purge faucet incorporated in the head
  • Ceramic valves on stainless seats
  • Hydraulic cylinder in W3C (Option ZrO2)
  • Suction and injection connections 1/4 “FNPT
  • Manual packing greaser
  • Multi-vee packing “Hard Type” (VITON or PTFE options)
  • Pumping frequency: 70 [1 / min]
  • Micrometric-type regulation
  • Oil level viewfinder and side drain plug
  • Removable head with only 4 screws for easy replacement
  • Easy access to the packing area
  • Carter in Hº Fº
  • Drive system mounted integrally on bearings