Injection of any chemical additive in liquid state, in various locations of facilities such as: deposits, refineries, petrochemicals, steam generating plants, food industry, etc., in order to control different processes such as: treatment of crude oil, correction surface tension, odorized gas, etc. They are also commonly used for hydraulic testing of pipes, vessels, valves and devices, taking advantage of the high pressures they can reach. CHARACTERISTICS

  • Compact design Facilitated by the rational sizing of its parts and the vertical arrangement of the electric motor.
  • Axial adjustment of the worm drive´s bearings This allows them to work in optimal conditions of adjustment.
  • Ceramic hydraulic cylinder Of optimum sealing and longer product lifetime.
  • Visual lubrication control Facilitated by a large polycarbonate viewfinder that allows verifying, with a glance, level and color of the lubricant.
  • Aptitude to work in the open In its design, this service condition has been contemplated.
  • Fitness for continuous service They are simply designed for it.
  • Electric motor 100% shielded, normalized. Upon request, it can be supplied with an anti-explosive type.
  • Coupling Direct and semi-elastic.
  • Reducer Worm drive and wheel type, integrated into the pump´s mechanism.
  • Lubrication Oil bath.