The pumps of the DENG series are positive displacement metering pumps to hydraulic cylinders, pneumatically driven. Its main fields of application are in gas processing, methanol and corrosion inhibitors injection and various processes specific to the oil industry. They have the capacity to dose at high pressure (up to 12000 PSI). They are simple to operate and their compact and robust design minimizes the necessary maintenance. Thanks to the regulation of suction and injection speeds, are particularly suitable for dispensing liquids of low vapor pressure. There is an optional version that can handle sour gas. SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS

  • AISI 316 stainless steel headDouble suction and injection valve
  • Purge faucet incorporated in the head
  • Ceramic valves on stainless seats
  • Hydraulic cylinder in W3C (Option ZrO2)
  • Suction and injection connections 1/4 “FNPT
  • Manual packing greaser
  • Servo valve drive with manual frequency adjustment
  • Safety valve on the engineĀ“s diaphragm
  • Pressure regulator with gas inlet to the distributor indicator
  • Multi-vee packing “Hard Type” (VITON or PTFE options)
  • Pumping frequency: Maximum 60 [1 / min] Minimum 5 [1 / min]
  • Micrometric-type regulation
  • Oil level viewfinder and side drain plug
  • Removable head with only 4 screws for easy replacement
  • Easy access to the packing area without disarming mechanism box
  • Motor diaphragm vent with filter