These are hydraulic cylinder pumps, suitable for injection (of any additive in liquid state), in precise and manually adjustable doses; having the main characteristic of not requiring electrical power, since it has an alternative, non-diaphragmatic pneumatic motor that feeds on the energy of oil gas pressure, air, or any compatible gaseous fluid.

  • Anti-explosive characteristics This allows the use of this equipment in areas of an atmosphere contaminated with combustible gases.
  • Better response at low flow rates This is possible because the system allows, for the regulation of the flow, to act on the motor gas flow, thus achieving a wide range of pump frequencies.
  • Injection capacity against high pressures Thanks to the great amplifying effect that is achieved by the large diameter of the diaphragm.
  • Special for desert areas Where there is no electric power and minimal maintenance availability.
  • Safety against blockages in the plunger line These pumps do not require safety valves in liquid line, since it is provided in the pneumatic system.
  • Aptitude to operate outdoors in areas of inclement weather This is because the mechanisms susceptible to deterioration are hermetically sealed.
  • Injection Of: demulsifiers, solvents, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors.
  • Injection of additives at different stages of any process Of: extraction, refining, distillation, etc.
  • Injection of odorants into combustible gases (gas pipelines)
  • Hydraulic testing of pipes or vessels
  • Sampling
  • High pressure lubrication