This series of dosing pumps has been designed to operate continuously and in adverse weather conditions, requirements that must be fulfilled by all equipment operating in the extraction zones of crude oil (extreme temperatures, high winds, low maintenance). These considerations have resulted in absolute reliability and operational safety. CHARACTERISTICS

  • Mechanism Of robust design, the body is a hermetic cast iron box, inside of which is a rack and pinion mechanism with generous and oil-bathed support benches. Both the pinion and the plunger, which has the rack carved, are made of high quality steel, hardened and grounded.
  • Head Made of stainless steel, with valve seats in fluoroelastomer or PTFE, and spheric valves of optimum surface quality; it counts with a built-in purge valve and a spring in the injection valve, which ensures greater accuracy in dosing. The plunger, built in solid ceramic, slides on braided packings in PTFE. This head is the same as that of the DEC Series.
  • Functioning The lever, linked to the pumping equipment by a steel cable and protection spring, transmits the movement to the pinion and rack mechanism which transforms it into an alternate rectilinear transmitted to the plunger.
  • Regulation By a lost-stroke system involving a micrometric regulator that acts on the effective stroke of the plunger. It can be operated with the pump running or stopped.
  • Plunger frequency Once for each movement of the lever. The flow rates specified in the table correspond to a pumping frequency of 10 emb / min.
  • Optional Back pressure valve for injection in depression.