DOSIVAC introduces its new plunger metering pump, driven by solar energy considering simplicity in the design and greater reliability, obtaining a highly efficient unit in terms of energy use, which generates low. SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS

  • Drive: Drive system using a 24 VDC geared motor with helical gears heat-treated for longer life, mounted on bearings and lubricated for life with a high performance grease. This motor pace reducer drives the eccentric (mounted on bearing) that by means of a connecting rod transmits the movement to the impeller plunger that finally drives the plunger diver. In this way, not only the wear of the packing is reduced, prolonging its useful life, but also the motor part of the pump part is separated, preventing the pump from deteriorating in case of leakage. The return of the plunger is made by the same connecting rod/plunger assembly, thereby eliminating the return spring.
  • Head: They are 100% interchangeable with those of the DECI and DE series as appropriate. Completely constructed in AISI 316 Stainless Steel, extremely robust and highly tested in the field.
  • Packing: The packing is the same used and in the pumps of the DECI and DE series, square, braided, PTFE packing with graphite diffusion. Embolo Ceramic Diver: The divers plungers are made of ceramic which gives them a high resistance to wear and excellent chemical compatibility with the products to be dosed.
  • Controller: The pump controller is very friendly and easy to use. It is only necessary to select the desired flow rate as a percentage of the pump maximum under the actual pump conditions; an internal algorithm establishes the operating relationship to achieve the desired flow rate. It has a port for data acquisition and remote control. It can also be integrated into a control loop.