• Head made of AISI 316 Stainless Steel
  • PTFE Braided Packing with Graphite Diffusion
  • Ceramic Plunger Driver
  • Valves: Stainless Steel AISI 316 or Ceramic
  • Valve seat: Viton (Pressures up to 50 kg / cm²) PTFE (Pressures greater than 50 kg / cm²)

Equipment configuration The pump works with a 24 Volt DC power supply. It can be supplied by a solar energy system using solar panels and special batteries for this application. The configuration of this system depends fundamentally on the actual flow and pressure to which the pump works and on the location in which the equipment will be installed. Each equipment must be designed for a specific application, please consult with our Engineering Department to assess the correct selection of batteries and solar panels in order to ensure the availability of energy for correct performance.   Note: The pumps are tested with water as pumping fluid; the maximum flow and pressures may differ from these values depending on the physical characteristics of the product to be dosed. DOSIVAC S.A. reserves the right to modify or alter specifications and/or designs without prior notice.