This series of compact electromagnetic dosing pumps have been specially designed and developed to meet the current requirements of functionality, space saving and the need to achieve at low cost and minimum maintenance the most adequate response in water purification and treatment, effluents, cooling towers and any other process that requires control loops. The development of an intuitive software together with the graphic display allow very simple operation and programming. The robust electronics make it resistant to voltage fluctuations that could occur in areas where the power supply is not stable. It has a compensation system to keep the flow and pressure constant in case the supply voltage drops. SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS

  • High chemical resistance in all parts in contact with the pumped fluid (PVDF)
  • Compact, to be installed on board or base
  • High resolution graphic display for more sharp graphics and text
  • Electromagnetic drive for safe response and high efficiency
  • Head with double check valve in both suction and injection
  • Diaphragm specially designed and manufactured in highly resistant PTFE
  • Icons indicating a function is activated
  • Plunger indicators
  • Manual mode, the percentage of the maximum flow is entered.
  • Configured correctly according to the process, the flow value is displayed directly in liters/hour
  • Automatic Mode (Follower, Direct Controller, Reverse Controller)
  • Signal input 4-20 mA or pulses (0-100 Hz)
  • PID controller from a set-point (Example: pH control)
  • Online help, indicative text about configurable parameters (Quick Reference)
  • Communication version via MODBUS (read / write)
  • Notice and stop by configurable low level (Time Remaining). External warning signal
  • Purge function momentarily takes the dosage to 100%
  • Pause function momentarily retains the dosage without disconnecting the pump.
  • Configurable Resume function, in case of a power outage
  • Password for configuration of user parameters
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