This series of compact dosing pumps have been specially conceived and developed to satisfy the current requirements of functionality, the economy of space and the need to achieve the most adequate response at low cost and minimum maintenance. CHARACTERISTICS

  • High chemical resistance in all its parts in contact with the pumped fluid.
  • Rotary electric motor drive (without electromagnet), internal single phase, with built-in thermal protector, directly coupled to the gear reducer, lubricated for life.
  • Continuous regulation (non-discrete), in “all” range of regulation (From 20 to 100%).
  • Diaphragm specially designed and manufactured in the multi-layer molding system (PTFE, chlorosulfonated polyethylene and Nylon), with purely axial sinusoidal movement (smoother pumping and longer product lifetime).
  • Flow regulation by lost stroke by rotary dial (operable with the unit running). Includes safety block and protective cover.
  • Second protection diaphragm: it prevents the pumped fluid from passing to the mechanism areas without chemical resistance, in the event of failure of the main diaphragm or pumping.