Equipment specially designed to offer a complete dosing system that provides all the accessories and the necessary structure in the work area. The modular system of the skid is built with welded steel profiles, coated for protection with epoxy paint and polyurethane-colored coating; The piping is made of stainless steel. It also has a calibration and level test tube composed of a glass tube and scale with double graduation and a “Y” filter. The system is completed with a series of block valves at the tank outlet and the probe, which allows to isolate its components in case of maintenance and perform the necessary maneuvers to calibrate the pump. For the storage of the product, it has a polypropylene container of 200 and 1000 liters and in the case of leak or puncture, all the liquid will be contained in the tray that is insured in the anti-theft system. Regarding the electrical part, the equipment has a metal board with motor guard plus a keypad for starting and stopping (depending on the pump model).